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Mite-away quick strips   $6:00
Package of 2 strips

Fumagilin-B:      $44.95 2.0 gram

Fumagilin-B:      $19.95    .5 gram
Fumidil-B® also known as Fumigillin-B

Also, nosema disease, an adult
disease caused by a protozoan,
weakens the digestive track of
infected bees and may allow
pathogens to enter the honey bee's
gut where they can cause significant
damage. Treating colonies in fall with
Fumidil-B improves their chances of
survival. It is difficult to sample for
nosema disease so annual
prophalactic feeding of Fumidi-B is
Menthol is officially registered in the
United States for the control of the
honey bee tracheal mite in
over-wintering honey bee colonies.
Menthol is a crystalline alcohol obtained
from oil of peppermint that is commonly
used for odor, flavoring and cooling
properties in candies, cigarettes,
shaving creams, etc. Before applying
menthol, or any chemical to a bee hive,
all surplus honey for human
consumption must be removed. In the
case of autumn menthol treatment,
honey for winter stores may remain on
the colony during treatment.