Wax Moth
Hive Beetle Larva
Foul Brood
Wax Moth:
It looks like the Wax Moths will be bad this year. A lot of moths have been observed around
the hive already. We try to kill as many as possible.
I started putting entrance reducers in and leaving them year round.  I have done this for the
past two years and using top screens to keep out he moths. Other bee keepers I have talked
to are finding this really helps in Wax Moth reduction. A fellow bee keeper with 60 hives put
his reducers in and forgot to take them out, leaving them in all year. He said he did not lose
one hive  to wax moths and now has 100 hives. Put your top screens over your solid inner
covers during Winter to keep in the heat. It gives good ventilation and keeps out the moths. I
have found Wax Moths dead on top of the screens.
You should try entrance reducers year round and see for yourself. So far I have had no more
loses to the moths.
Foul Brood
If foul brood has been detected in your area or you suspect that you may have a case of foul
brood then I would suggest treating with Terramycin Pre-mix.  
All Medications and Equipment
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