9 Frame reducer is used to
increase the space between
Frames in the hive.

$1.60  per set
Front Feeders slide in the opening
of the hive and can be used with
any standard small mouth jar.
Screened Entrance Closers are
used to block off the front of the
hive while during relocation
without reducing air flow.  This is
by far the easiest way we have
found to move bees.

The Queen Excluder keeps the
Queen from laying her eggs in the
Super foundation instead of the
Brood foundation.

A sign no Bee Keeper should be
without.  Help keep unknowing  
visitors from unwanted bee stings.

Feeding Equipment
Our top feeders are prepainted
and ready to use.  They are the
perfect way to feed your Bees
and prevent robbing at the  same
time.  We recommend these for
any bee keeper with more than 2

Entrance reducers are used to
help control the size of the Hive
entrance and reduce the area the
must be protected.